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Sophie Stévance, Serge Lacasse, « From Studio to the Stage: Bruno Mars and the ‘Simulacrum’ of the Out-of-tune Voice in “Locked Out of Heaven”(2012) », Intersections : Canadian Music Review (submitted).

Example 1:

Adele performing “Hello” (with album track: 0’ – 15’).

Example 2:

Adele performing “Hello” (with original track: 16′).

Example 3:

Bruno Mars, “Locked Out of Heaven,” end of chorus and second verse.

Example 4:

Bruno Mars, “Locked Out of Heaven,” Sirius Satellite Radio Network.

Example 5:

Cubase Video.

Example 6:

Melodyne video.

Example 7:

Videos of the excerpt during live performances.

Example 8:

Video of the Making Off.